Frequently Asked Questions

How are R-values used to compare different garage doors?

R-values are used as the unit of measurement to measure the thermal resistance to heat flow between different garage doors. The higher the R-value that a garage door material has, the better the insulating properties. However, the R-value would not matter if a garage door is insulated, which will increase energy efficiency as well as reduce the amount of heat flow.

Can I keep using the old tracks from my old garage door for the new replacement door?

Your old tracks should be replaced with the new tracks that come with the new garage door. This is because the new tracks were designed specifically for that new garage door. It is an inexpensive replacement and using the new tracks with the new garage door will make your warranty apply. Using the old tracks will not ensure the safety of your garage door system.

What are the measurements for a standard sized residential garage door?

The standard size of a residential garage door is 8×7 feet.  However, garage doors come in various sizes that is based on the measurement of the garage door opening. An experienced professional can come by to measure and provide a free estimate for a new garage door at your convenience. Call to set up an appointment anytime.

Does my garage door opener need repair or replacement?

It is less expensive to repair a garage door opener. However, if the opener is not repairable, then a new replacement is recommended. A Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) law recommends that garage door openers manufactured prior to 1993 should be replaced since they are not equipped with safety features of infrared sensors or other external entrapment protection devices. The newer garage door openers meet the current standards for garage door opener safety.

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Can a single section of my garage door be replaced?

Yes. Instead of replacing the entire garage door, which is a more expensive project, it is easier to just replace a small section of the garage door. The garage door model type will have to still be in production and color variations can occur over time. A highly trained technician can complete that repair fast and professionally for you.

Is it possible to reprogram a garage door remote control or keypad?

Yes. If you would like to reprogram your code on your garage door remote or keypad, it can easily be done by following the instruction manual that comes with your devices. However, if you would like the convenience of having it quickly done for you, this job would not be too small for our friendly, garage door technicians.

Do I really need safety cables for my garage door extension springs?

Yes. If the garage door springs break, it may cause injury or property damage. A safety cable is meant to keep a broken extension spring contained when it is under high tension when the garage door is closed. Get a skilled technician for a safety inspection to check if it is in good working condition or to install a safety cable securely.

Why are safety sensors installed?

Garage door openers need to include the proper safety features in order to ensure a fast and safe way to move the garage door. Safety sensors are supplied along with the garage door opener system. These safety sensors prevent accidents by cutting off the closing circuit to the opener system and then forcing the door to open if an obstruction, such as a person or property, is detected. A qualified and licensed technician is needed to install the safety sensors with the garage door opener because it requires attention to technical wiring and adjustments to the devices.

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